The Surveillance Factory specialises in designing, implementing and managing video-surveillance solutions that operate on IP networks. Our business is focused on delivering robust video surveillance systems, using high-resolution digital IP cameras that maximise the effectiveness of your video security system, and minimise risk in your organisation.


TCP/IP is the de facto standard for networking and because of its open standards it allows for multiple systems to share the same physical network. An IP surveillance system:

  • Makes use of open standard protocols and networks for communication. This means easy system integration with equipment from different manufacturers.
  • Allows access to real-time images or data. At any time from any IP-enabled device anywhere in the world, saving time and money. These images can be stored locally or at remote locations for convenience and/or security.
  • Reduces installation costs. A dedicated coax cabling infrastructure for the surveillance system is no longer necessary, as the security system can be run on your existing IP (Computer) network.
  • Supports high-resolution and HD cameras; IP Cameras support high-resolution (megapixel) and high-definition (HD) imaging, with no grainy or pixelated images
  • Scalability. There is no hardware limit as to the number of cameras or surveillance tools that can be implemented on your network.
  • Stores images on standard computer hard disks. This avoids image degradation over time and is a flexible storage solution that benefits from low maintenance costs and is very easily upgradable and expandable.
  • Utilises advanced surveillance tools. Such as, wireless cameras, remote monitoring, automatic notification alarms (SMS, email), analogue-to-digital converters, intelligent surveillance, Licence Plate Recognition and archiving.
  • Permits remote access to the camera infrastructure from anywhere. This allows an offsite operator to view live or historical video images or reconfigure system parameters.


The Surveillance Factory has received partner accreditation from AXIS Communications – world leader in video-surveillance technology. This expert know-how, coupled with our knowledge of IP networks, enables us to provide services ranging from design, consulting and project management, through to implementation and support. Our skills include:

  • Security risk assessment.
  • System specification and design. System specification and design.
  • Managed implementation and installation services.
  • On-going system maintenance and support.

The Surveillance Factory was chosen as the Axis Top Partner in South Africa for both 2008 and 2010
Press release – Security Focus Magazine. PLEASE REFER TO PAGE 40


IP security systems are today's reality, contact The Surveillance Factory.